Recycling list

Computer, CRT monitor, LCD monitor, Printing.....etc

Recycling & disposal process

At present, the Environmental Protection Department's announcement of waste materials recycling information for the project include the eight, namely notebook computers, monitors (including CRT and LCD), motherboard, hard disk, power supply, chassis, printer, keyboard. Hung Kung Recycling Co., Ltd., to implement the concept of itself, both from the importation of goods, processing, output, are committed to continuous improvement and pollution prevention, to avoid the use of "incineration" and "bury" dependence, and further pursuit of recycling resources ( Recycle) of the implementation.

Hung Kung Recycling Co., Ltd. collects recycling computers and to unload stock at first. After separation and disposal for recycling metal, recycling plastics and recycling hardware, we sell to local or overseas market.