Recycling list

Hung Kung Recycling Co.,Ltd. collect recycling plastic mainly 5 items : PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP and PS etc.

Recycling & disposal process

As a warehouse and legal recycling company we collect many kinds of plastics from wild market. We offer recycling plastics such as ABS, PP, LDPE and PA regrinds, flakes and repro-pellets etc…

Plastics are extracted from oil. Mining, transporting and extracting of oil consume considerably amount of energy and resource, and it also has a rather effect to the environment. The recycling plastics are categorized based on manpower. The categorized plastics being compressed and packed separately, and after regrinding, washing and drying process, are produced to repro-pellets plastic materials which can be used to make different kinds of plastic production. For instance, the recycling repro-pellet PET reduce 50% use of energy, 60% of air pollution, 20% water pollution and 90% waste than the original one.