Established background and purpose

The emissions of waste, pollution by human beings have been injuring our Earth bit by bit; in recent years, the subject of “Greenhouse effect” has been taken seriously. Hung Kung Recycling Co., Ltd. established in 2005 in view of environmental protection as “people of the earth”. In addition to obtain ISO14001 certification to international standards and certification through the Environmental Protection Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the local government agreed to set up special recovery to deal with: scrap metal containers, aluminum containers, waste PET, glass containers, waste PVC containers of waste PP / PE, and other plastic waste containers, paper containers, scrap aluminum foil packets (packet box), waste electrical and electronic waste, and waste informative items.

Hung Kung Recycling Co., Ltd. has been built in to buy a complete waste and recycling base for the network, dismantling of expertise, process control, management, recycling, storage, in order to implement the above-mentioned waste being recycled into raw materials, such as: PE, ABS, PS, PP & LDPE and so on, meanwhile, to reduce pollution and lower the environmental load. In addition, in behalf of reducing the amount of plastic scrap ending up in landfills, we offer Waste Management consulting service to manufacturers who wish to minimize Waste disposal costs.


Hung Kung Recycling Co., Ltd. is located in Pingtung County in southern part of Taiwan, with a computer disposal, post-consumer recycling, regrind and repro-pellets production, a total of four plants and an office building, with an overall area of 7,000 square. We provide employment opportunities and increase the share of social costs. In the future Hung Kung recycling Co., Ltd. hopes to fulfill the vision of “people of the earth” to resolve the issue of environmental pollution and to meet the needs of tomorrow's world environment and green consumption to reach Hung Kung Recycling Co., Ltd. founded original.